Court Systems

The level of play for an athlete should never be determined by the court conditions. We build to exact standards and take the court out of the equation. That’s why QCI makes it a mission to construct courts that are safe and exactly on-spec. We don’t leave anything to chance. Every detail is planned; every gradient, every slope, every stripe, every time. Our experience in building tennis courts and basketball courts, whether concrete or asphalt, will prove valuable to your final project.


When your existing court needs to be revitalized and given new life, our Top-Coat service is the best call. We’ll do simple repairs, touch-ups, repaint, and re-stripe to make your court look and play like new.


Our most popular job, the Classic is use when you need a true surface or resurfacing job including patchwork, acrylic surfacing for existing or brand new courts. Perfect for schools, colleges, and all hard-court jobs. Also utilized in basketball court construction.


The Premier system is our entry-level soft-court cushioned system. We use a liquid acrylic cushion to provide a slight “give” to the surface, making play easier on joints. The feel of the court is exceptional and luxurious, making it a perfect fit for private clubs and residential courts.


For high-end use, there’s nothing better than Supreme. It has the soft comfort of clay courts without the sliding effect of clay. It’s the answer to hard-court comfort without the maintenance of clay. Perfect for private residential and elite club play.

Court System Build Process

QCI provides complete court construction from start to finish. Whether you need simple resurfacing or complete new track construction, QCI means quality. Our different surface options will fit any need and any level of competition, from elite professional to leisure play.

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