Safety Surfaces

At QCI we take play seriously. Our professionally installed poured-in-place Safety Surface is a premium quality surface designed to meet your recreational surfacing needs. Our low-maintenance, anti-slip surfaces are perfect for playgrounds, splash pads, pool decks, and other recreational spaces.

QCI Safety Surface Features

  • Installed on-site
  • Site prep and subbase installation work available
  • Two-course porous system, an SBR base mat blended with polyurethane binder, and a top course of TPV or EPDM rubber and binder
  • Base course of varying thickness and a color cap layer of 0.5 in. nominal thickness
    Edges are formed as required
  • Installed, placed, and leveled to provide a new seamless, permeable, low maintenance, anti-slip, cushioned surface
  • QCI PIP Safety Surface complies with Laboratory Test Requirements of ASTM 1292-17
  • Custom pattern and color combinations available
  • Certified professional installers
  • Extended Life and Wear
  • Critical Fall Height Protection - Complies with the Laboratory Testing of ASTM F1292-17
  • Vibrant Coloration
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Seamless Custom Designs
  • Reduction of Discoloration and Hardening
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Meets Consumer Product Safety
  • Commission Guidelines